Embroidery Lingerie set

Hi there! Well i don't know why i start it this, but here i'm xD... and this is my first post in this new year just starting :D
Hope that all can have a good year full of happyness ...
so good luck to everyone.

I made this a long time ago and now is ready, you can download the bra, briefs and hotpants as separates or bra&hotpants and bra&briefs as an outfits

Hola! Bueno no sé muy bien por qué empecé esto, pero aquí estoy xD ... y éste es mi primer post en este nuevo año que comenzó :D
Espero que todos tengan un feliz año nuevo lleno de felicidad... asi que buena suerte para todos. 

Hice esto hace algún tiempo atrás y ahora ya está listo, puedes bajar el brassier, bragas y hotpants individuales o bien el brassier&hotpants y brassier&bragas como conjunto. 

A/YA  -  Adulto/Joven adulto
       3 and 4 recolorables palettes  -  3 y 4 partes recoloreables
3 recolors  -  3 estilos incluidos
Sleepwear only  -  Categoria de ropa para dormir
Custom cas and launcher thumbnails
Sims3pack and Packages


Sims credit goes to : Miss Lochness, you can find Megan here  http://simstyleparade.blogspot.com/2011/04/april-cstyles-exclusive-malay-megan.html

Bra:   Download - Skip Adfly

Briefs:   Download - Skip Adfly

Hotpants:   Dowload - Skip Adfly

Bra&briefs (outfit):   Download - Skip Adfly

Bra&hotpants (outfit):   Download - Skip Adfly



  1. Yyyyyaaaayyy!!!! I love this lingere set! Welcome to the world of sims blogs lol xD I'm so excited you opened one <3

  2. is too great the clothes you design

    of: your niece Javy

  3. OMG!!!!!!!! You're always AMAZING, Icia <3
    Gracias *-*

  4. Wow! Me encanta :D Muchas gracias :D

  5. El link de las bragas no funciona (xD) , dice que el archivo ha sido eliminado.

    Esto no pasa con Mediafire ... :/

  6. there isn't any single problem with the files... look at the cap ;)


    also, icia set the files to colaboration, so we can now download all at once... =D


    PS: congrats for ur blog... is really nice... simple and well designed

  7. Very nice, I missed your creations a lot!

    Glad you made this blog.

  8. I love it...So glad I found your blog!

  9. Thank you so much :D For all your wondenderful comments :) I'm just so happy.

  10. Love them Icia!

    But I wanted to download the individual, not the outfit set.
    All but the hotpants will not download I get the following message:

    "The file has been deleted as per a copyright notification."


  11. Thank you for replying! Id love to help any way I can:

    This cap shows the first step, when I clicked on the link:

    After waiting the 30sec, and entering the captcha here is the link:

    After clicking download I got this:

  12. Hey, Icia just giving you an update.
    I think I know what the problem is. Filesonic does not allow more than 3 consecutive downloads. You have to wait a couple hours before you download again from them. I successfully downloaded the hotpants now.
    I decided to test my theory and I downloaded two more things and I ended up getting that error, only its on the bra now.

    So for those that only download the two outfits, or only downloads two of the 5 links, they wont get that message. But I guess 3 is the limit...and you have to wait a bit before you can download.

  13. No problem! Glad I could help!
    And thank you for taking the trouble to host on another site. Much appreciation! <33


  14. Glad u have your own little blog. Your clothes are wonderful and alawya well made. Most if not all my sims are wearing your creations :0
    I adore your lace tops. My sims are kitted out better than me. Thank you for all your wonderful creations.

  15. Wow! It's Icia? :O
    Nice to see you here!
    Love your creations and love this new lingerie set!
    It's looks so sexy and beautiful:D

  16. Wow amazing lingery as always !! By the way how did you get that shape, it's not like the default sims shapes !